Headmaster E.J Norman – 1964-1978

Founded under the auspices of the St Matthew’s Schools’ Trust Board and opened by Governor General Sir Bernard Fergusson in August 1963, Rathkeale College quickly developed into a leading boys’ school.

Alongside Hadlow Preparatory School and St Matthew’s Collegiate School for Girls, Rathkeale is one of a group of three Trinity Schools affiliated to the Anglican Church.

From its foundation as an independent boys’ boarding school, the College has become known for its exceptionally beautiful campus and for the high accomplishments it achieves in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits.

The Senior College was formalised in 1988 and girls from St Matthew’s are now very much at home in Year 12 and 13 classes on the Rathkeale Campus.

Rathkeale College and St Matthew’s Collegiate were integrated in 1992. This process brought a number of significant changes to the College but at heart Rathkeale continues to strive for excellence and to attract staff and students of a high calibre. The desire to create Good Rathkeale Men is indicative of the College’s focus on the importance of citizenship, traditional values and all round achievement.

Past Principals of Rathkeale College