Bus Information

School Point of Contact: Adam Gordon – Tranzit Point of Contact: Nigel McLean (06) 370 6398


Lower Valley

  • Use Tranzit Lower Valley Service: (TLVS) Featherston (7.00am) Greytown (7.15)
    Carterton (7.30) – Masterton then link to Rathkeale town bus at St Matthews
  • Rathkeale town bus stops at 1st & 3rd Streets. Starts at St Matthews (8.00am) Rathkeale (8.10)

Explanation for Lower Valley passengers:

  • In the morning, the Tranzit service starts at Featherston at 7.00am and will end its run at St Matthews. It will then link into the current Rathkeale town bus charter service (commonly called 1st & 3rd Street bus), which starts at St Matthews.
  • In the afternoon, on Monday/ Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday there is one bus at 3.10pm, one bus at 3.40pm and one at 4.50pm. On Friday, there is only one bus to Masterton leaving Rathkeale at 3.10pm.
  • All afternoon buses from Rathkeale, after dropping off Masterton students, end at the Tranzit Depot and link into standard Tranzit Lower Valley services, which depart the Masterton Depot at 3.55pm, 4.50pm and 5.20pm Monday to Friday.
  • Lower Valley passengers will need two tickets – one for the Rathkeale to Masterton section and another for the Lower Valley. Tickets for the bus between Rathkeale and Masterton will continue to be purchased at Rathkeale. Tickets for the Tranzit Lower Valley service will need to be purchased from the Tranzit Depot.
  • Note: The College, because of its location, is heavily reliant on bus transport. Long distance travel is charged on an individual basis. All other transport within the Wairarapa (eg class and sports trips) is covered by a disbursement charge of $30 00 per boy. Cost of trips outside the Wairarapa is placed on disbursements.
  • Behaviour on buses and mini buses must be exemplary. Where possible seat belts are to be worn.
  • Students will not be carried if bad behaviour persists.


Lower Valley and Rathkeale Town Bus


Rathkeale (3.10pm)-St Matthews (3.20)-Tranzit Depot for 3.55pm connection to TLVS
Carterton (4.10)-Greytown (4.20)-Featherston (4.35)

Rathkeale (4.10pm)-St Matthews (4.20)-Tranzit Depot for 4.50pm connection to TLVS
Carterton (5.05)-Greytown (5.15)-Featherston (5.30)

Rathkeale (4.50pm)-St Matthews (5.00)-Tranzit Depot for 5.10pm connection to TLVS
Carterton (5.35)-Greytown (5.45)-Featherston (6.00)


Rathkeale (3.10pm)-St Matthews (3.20)-Tranzit Depot for 3.55pm connection to TLVS
Carterton (4.10)-Greytown (4.20)-Featherston (4.35)

Other Bus Services:

Exeat Bus to Hawkes bay

Friday North to Hawkes Bay:
Masterton 3.55pm
Woodville 5.05pm
Palmerston North 5.40pm

connects with Intercity service north to Napier

Sunday  South from Hawkes Bay:

connects with Intercity service from Napier

Palmerston North: 7.15pm
Woodville: 7.45pm
Masterton: 8.50pm

Bookings are essential for all Exeat and End of Term travel. Luggage space is limited.

Bus Fares

Rathkeale Town Bus (tickets available from Rathkeale)

Term ticket 10 trip ticket
$134.60 $14.60

South Wairarapa Bus

  • The Stored Value Card for South Wairarapa Tranzit services can be purchased and/or topped up at Tranzit depot or on bus services.

Train Information

Click here for information about trains to and from Wellington via Hutt Valley.

Boarders who wish to return home via train for the weekend will be dropped off and collected from Masterton station on Friday evening and Sunday evening respectively.