Principal’s Welcome

It is a privilege and an honour to lead Rathkeale College, a relatively young school that under early vibrant and insightful leadership quickly established the traditions that are now so highly valued. The reflections of the life and times at Rathkeale we receive from former students and their families can only inspire us to revisit what has contributed to the success of the College.

Traditions remain steadfast both because of their former importance and because of their current relevance. John Buckeridge (Rathkeale 1964 – 1967), a foundation student, now Professor of Natural Resources Engineering at Melbourne University recently stated – “One never knows how interest is kindled, or even when it is kindled. It is the nurturing of young minds that will inflame the passion for discovery later in life. I am confident that Rathkeale helped me ignite these flames.” These words encapsulate the need for Rathkeale College to continue its commitment to stimulating the impressionable minds of boys as they become mature and responsible young men.

Our website can only present a glimpse of life at Rathkeale College. A façade of smiling faces and words that depict happiness and success will only provide some insight into a school that continues to enjoy high levels of achievement in academia, sport and culture. Much of our uniqueness lies within our special character and the manner in which we expect students to conduct themselves both within and beyond the spiritual dimensions of school life. We have a desire to develop  “Good Rathkeale Men”: men who will respect themselves and have compassion for others; men who will step up and lead when necessary knowing that they stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before them; men who are motivated, self-disciplined and live up to our motto ”Nil mortalibus ardui est” – Nothing is too difficult for mortal man.

We have a stunning environment, engaging staff committed to supporting students in all endeavours, classes of enviable size and resources available to cater for all learning and pastoral needs. The Board of Trustees and the Trinity Schools’ Trust Board are absolutely committed to taking the school forward.

Thank you for your interest in Rathkeale College. I trust that you will discover opportunities to be associated with its exciting future.

William Kersten, Principal