Curriculum Overview

Broad Academic Programme

Maths Competition 2Rathkeale College provides a broad based academic programme for all boys and is proud of its academic record in public examinations. The academic pathways seek to challenge the students to achieve to their highest potential. Academic progress is continually reviewed to ensure that able students are challenged and that additional support is given to those who are experiencing difficulty.

Small Class Sizes

Jonty scienceClass sizes are kept small with Board policy establishing a maximum class size of 25. The average class size is about 16, which allows teachers to give individual attention to each student. The number of subjects on offer increases in Years 12 and 13 when the girls from St Matthew’s join the boys in the Senior College.

The progress of students is reported on in several ways:

Term 1

  • Effort Grades for all students in Week 6.
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews for all students in Week 8.

Term 2

  • Year 9/10 Written reports end of Week 10.
  • Year 11-13 Written reports end of Week 6.

Term 3

  • Parent/Teacher Interviews for Year 12-13 in Week 2
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews for Year 9 – 11 in Week 8
  • Year 11-13 Written reports end of Week 10

Term 4

  • Year 9/10 Written reports end of term.
  • Year 11-13 Trial Exam report end of Week 2
  • Year 13 Records of Achievement end of term.