Gifted and Talented Students

Gifted and TAlented photoGifted and talented students are those with demonstrated superior ability in one or more areas and needing education or services beyond those provided by the regular classroom. They will have a combination of Creativity, Task Commitment and Above Average Intelligence (Prof J. Renzulli 2005).

It is mandatory for all state and state-integrated schools to demonstrate how they are meeting the needs of their gifted and talented learners. At Rathkeale, Gifted and Talented Education is managed by Mrs Bridget Price. Students participate in initiatives funded by the Masterton Trust Lands Trust, which brings in key speakers and specialist teachers to work with Gifted and Talented students throughout the Wairarapa.

These programmes range from The Zoo trip (where students identify animal adaptations and work with Zoo staff to develop a toy to enrich the life of an animal in the Zoo), to creative writing workshops – where students write and publish alongside one of New Zealand’s successful authors, to produce a book of creative writing.

In addition to this we have our own initiatives, which include taking students out to larger centres to be involved in debates and conferences. We have a proud history of representation at the Model United Nations, and look for opportunities where our gifted students can shine on a larger stage. Gifted and talented learners can be offered a differentiated curriculum that has been expanded in breadth, depth, and pace to match their learning needs.

GATE Activities

See Mrs Price for more information.