A Rathkeale Education

Why choose Rathkeale ?

When your family enters into a partnership with Rathkeale, our joint endeavour will be to deliver the optimum educational environment for your son.
This College is known for its exceptionally beautiful campus, quality relationships and for the high accomplishments in academic, cultural and sporting endeavours

Benefits of a Rathkeale education

  • During their time at Rathkeale boys are encouraged to develop their personal values and standards including self-discipline, self-reliance and a strong moral compass.
  • A culture which permeates all aspects of school life encourages boys to have a go at everything, to strive to succeed to the best of their ability and to learn to win with humility and to lose with dignity.
  • The boarding experience provides professional support, wide-ranging friendships and abundant opportunities to achieve and have fun in an unparalleled environment.
  • The Senior College is unique where St Matthew’s girls join the Rathkeale boys on the Rathkeale campus for Year 12 and 13 classes. These classes are complemented by a programme of exciting extra-curricular activities aimed at broadening learning and developing social skills for the challenges of adult life.
  • Juniors new to Rathkeale are assisted with their transition to College life while seniors are supported in preparing for tertiary studies and employment, both in New Zealand and overseas. Innovative, extra-curricular support programmes exist at all levels.

Being your own man

Rathkeale College recognises that it is most important for each individual to be his own man and not to compromise his integrity through some false pretence. Every student can contribute to the wider life of the school as a leader or as part of a successful team, house, class or group.

The school offers many opportunities for students to display natural leadership and to further develop the leadership skills they already possess. There is an underlying expectation that good leadership can only emerge where a disciplined culture of teamwork, trust and respect are present.

Rathkeale, along with Hadlow Preparatory School and St Matthew’s Collegiate School for Girls, belong to a family known as the Trinity Schools which are affiliated to the Anglican Church.