Enrolment Guidelines

  • We welcome enquiries for admission to Rathkeale College.
  • An enrolment application can be made at any time and will be held on file until the year preceding the start year. Your son’s name will be included in a Pre-enrolment List. This list is not prioritised and inclusion on it does not signify a greater or lesser likelihood of being offered a place.
  • By the end of Term I in the year preceding the commencement year, we will contact parents to confirm the enrolment is still “live”.
  • Once an application has been lodged, families will receive regular school information.
  • Applications for enrolments should be received by the end of Term 2 preceding the start year. During Term 3 we will make offers and confirm places.
  • Priority of enrolment applications is categorised into preference and non-preference applicants. For full details of our enrolment criteria, please see Procedures and Guidelines for enrolment
  • Our Open Day is on Tuesday May 9 in 2017. (Register Now) However, any day is considered to be an Open Day. Please contact the school office if you would like to visit the school or discuss your son’s application.

Enrolment Process

To apply for your son’s admission please:

  1. Download the application form print it and then complete the form
  2. Then, post it to: Rathkeale College, Willlow Park Drive, RD11, Masterton 5871

Alternatively, it is possible to scan and email an application to principal@rathkeale.school.nz

School Payments