Pastoral Care Philosophy


Our Philosophy

Rathkeale College provides a committed network of mentors, deans and counsellors who ensure that the care and concern for all boys extends beyond the classroom. The physical, social and emotional well-being of each student is constantly monitored and any support requirements are discussed before implementation. Behaviour that compromises another student’s ability to maintain a positive focus is dealt with firmly and decisively.

Spiritual Life

Rathkeale is an Anglican College, but welcomes students from diverse religions and cultural backgrounds. The College Chaplain is responsible for the spiritual life of the school and the religious education programmes offered within the curriculum at Years 9 -11. Chapel services, to which all parents and friends are welcome, transmit a moral code with relevance to all members of the school community. Students are encouraged to serve the broader community through Chapel collections, social service, and collecting for charities.

Pride, Respect and Support

At Rathkeale, we promote good behaviour and its beneficial consequences for all. The College encourages students to take pride in themselves, to respect and support others and their property, and enhance the reputations of their families and the school.It is the responsibility of the Rathkeale College Board of Trustees to ensure that the School is a “healthy and safe environment for all students” (NAG 5).

Rathkeale College will never tolerate bullying of any kind from its students or staff, whoever it is directed at.

The Rathkeale College Bullying Policy is available to read here.