A range of opportunities

The school offers many superb opportunities for students to engage in wider school life. Engagement by all young men in a range of activities allows them to display natural leadership and to further develop skills they already possess.

Physical well-being is an integral part of a Rathkeale student’s holistic education. All boys are required to participate in summer and winter sport. Creative minds are stimulated by the wide variety of cultural activities actively fostered and encouraged at Rathkeale College. There are expectations of full school participation and opportunities for individual/group involvement in this dimension of school life.

Inter-house spirit

A competitive inter-house spirit exists in the school and an allegiance to one of the three competition houses is central to a sense of belonging at Rathkeale College. Blake, Halberg and Hillary Houses all compete with pride in a range of sporting and cultural activities. Rivalry is intense and standards are high in music, kapa haka and in a range of sporting activities.

There is an underlying expectation that good leadership will emerge from the experiences and challenges students face. Above all, Rathkeale College recognises that it is most important for each individual to strive to achieve their full potential.