Rock & Water

The programme is about helping Boys become Good Rathkeale Men by teaching them core skills of how to think, act and interact in two distinct ways.

Rock and Water program

The Gadaku Institute’s Rock and Water program was developed in Holland by Freerk Ykema and was first trialed in 1995. Training in N.Z and Australia is overseen by the Family Action Centre at the University of Newcastle. Rock and Water offers staff the tools and language to guide young men through the transition to adulthood. Boys are initially educated through physical activities to engage them in the way in which they often choose to experience the world. Progressively there is a shift in focus to skills which are more mentally and socially oriented. Areas covered include:

  • Learning to ground, centre and relax through concentrated breathing exercises.
  • Understanding how emotions are expressed externally and learning one’s own pattern of reaction.
  • Physical forms of communication and learning to verbally communicate thoughts and feelings.
  • Learning the merits of a Rock or a Water approach to daily interactions.

Rock stance & Water stance

The Rock stance representing the solid, inflexible and unyielding approach. The Water stance representing the flexible, communicative and rationale approach. The boys learn they have the ability to influence outcomes based on the choice of approach and there are times to be a Rock person or a Water person.

The foundations of the program are:

  • Self Control: Boys learning how to channel their energy.
  • Self Reflection: Reflection in/on action, boys understanding how they influence outcomes.
  • Self Confidence: Knowing they can control their actions to work towards positive outcomes.